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DJ F*Daniel (infoLedge)
現年21歲的七年級音樂新鮮人,帶有1/2泰雅族血統的電音新秀DJ,擁有五年DJ的資歷。現為大學一年生與專業的音樂編曲配樂工作者;同時也是學生藝人Model擔任多部影片主角。目前專攻電子樂曲編寫創作,擅長Prog-Tribal、Tribal House、Tech House、Prog-Trance…等曲風;另外也與Female singr搭配女聲合作Vocal Live的表演,專長演奏十餘種東西方樂器。17.18歲時初次登台表現已受舞客們的熱烈喜愛與討論。多次在國內台北、台中、高雄、基隆、墾丁、金山、翡翠灣…等各大型戶外派對與街頭舞會的邀約演出和同志夜店Club駐場經驗。2005參加流行音樂創作大賽獲第三名佳績。2006年於高雄為中華民國國慶晚會電音派對擔綱主秀演出,並將愛國傳統歌曲重新混音編曲驚艷全場。目前國內年紀最輕的新世代DJ。

DJ F*Daniel, 21 years old, now is a student artist and disk jockey. He has been DJ and had 5 years experience since 2003. From a party animal, listener, music player to a DJ and composer. DJ F*Daniel always has the attitude of learning new things and insists on his loving music styles.
"No teacher, No instructor, for me every dance hall is my classroom, every DJ is my teacher." DJ F*Daniel started to learn music in his childhood from Chinese instruments and classical piano to pop band and electronic music. Now F*Daniel is major in electronic music composing and design.
He is good at Prog-Tribal, Tribal House, Tech House and Prog-Trance. In addition, he also works with female voice. F*Daniel was a highly acclaimed DJ by large audience when he had the first performance in 17, 18years old. F*Daniel is also invited repeatedly to join every big outdoor party, street dancing party and gay clubs in Taiwan.
F*Daniel got 3rd prize in National Pop-Music Composing Competition in 2005. F*Daniel played the major performance and remix the traditional national music in eletronic music party for 2006 National Double Tenth Day in Kaohsiung. Now F*Daniel is the youngest New Era DJ in Taiwan.

| Prog-Tribal、Tribal House、Tech House、Prog-Trance
DJ F*Daniel |

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